B’Safe™ Shelters manufactures large commercial, industrial and residential tornado and storm shelters for sale in the United States and Canada. We are a well-respected company and the leader in our industry for safety and innovation. We have an extensive resume of satisfied customers around the world. We work daily with EHS professionals and others assisting them in planning, training and designing the right storm shelter for their needs.

B’Safe™ is committed to GREEN and we have taken steps to produce a GREEN product. We are truly environmentally friendly. All of our shelters, whether they be above ground or underground storm shelters, exceed the minimum standards established by ALL regulating authorities. Our team of architects, engineers, construction professionals, colorists and other professionals work daily to produce a better product.

B’Safe™ offers many firsts in the storm shelter industry: B’Safe™ is the only company that offers a certified HEAVY IMPACT shelter; B’Safe™ is the only company that offers a claustrophobic mitigated shelter; B’Safe™ is the only company in the industry that manufactures an environmentally friendly shelter ; B’Safe™ is the only company that uses wind to recharge and power its shelters (this an option); and B’Safe™ manufactures the only shelter in the industry that has a patient pending weight distribution system.

"just a few of our customers"

  • Department of Energy
  • FEMA
  • Land O' Lakes" Butter
  • Merck
  • Nucor
  • bphenergy
  • cargill
  • caterpillar
  • CertainTTeed

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